Art Galleries in Mangalore

Mangalore is a famous city that is located in the state of Karnataka. The Western Ghats is said to be covering this place all around and one can experience a cool climate all around the year. Mangalore is very well known for its tourist spots and the historical significance that lies in them. This city has got various weekend getaways like beaches, wildlife sanctuary, picnic spots, temples, churches, mosques and much more. Each and every tourist place in Mangalore depicts various art forms in it. This has made Mangalore famous for the art and culture and the people in Mangalore have got a good knowledge about various art forms that had made the way to form art galleries in and around the city. The art galleries hold the paintings from the talented artists and they do teach about various art forms to each and every art lover.

Art Galleries in Mangalore
A specimen at display in an art gallery of Mangalore

Popular art galleries in Mangalore

Mangalore is well connected with many transport facilities that can connect the tourists to the art galleries easily. The art galleries showcase the history of Mangalore that was experienced by the past generations. The following are some of the famous Art Galleries in Mangalore that one should visit in Mangalore.

Orchid Art Gallery

The Orchid Art Gallery is a famous gallery in Mangalore that has got many creative and auspicious paintings and other types of art forms in it. It is located on the Balmatta road in the city of Mangalore. Mangalore is very well for various historical places that depicts the history in a new way. The Orchid Art Gallery is one among them and people from all over the world  visit this place to witness the art works. This gallery was established during 2007 and it has been providing a platform for various artists since the date of its opening and discussions about it.

Handmade Jewellery Exhibition at Orchid Art Gallery
Artworks at Orchid Art Gallery

The effort that had been put in this gallery has been appreciated by many people all over the world and it has made people get inspired by art. Art appreciation and conversations about it has been increased in the recent days as this gallery has been promoting various art forms in many ways. The art and culture that were followed in Mangalore in the past generation can be witnessed in this gallery and there is said to be an increase in the development of art in Mangalore through this gallery. Budding talents are getting encouraged in many ways and one can learn more about it through the gallery. The commercial things in art got developed in the recent days and it had bought a change with the cultural topography of this coastal town.

William Pais is the director of this famous Orchid Art Gallery and he has been directing the affairs of the gallery till date. He is the author of the most welcomed books that depicts the culture of the great South Kanara named as The Land Called South Kanara. This book marks the passion for art within him. He has been working with an aim to bring art into every single individual’s life in various arms. He was the one who started the debate on the contemporary art forms that are practiced in Mangalore.
The website of Orchid Art Gallery has got the various paintings done by the artists. The website is mainly created to bring up the sale value of the paintings and one can easily buy the paintings by ordering them through their official website. This type of promotion can make people turn towards the importance and need for art forms in their day to day life.

Prasad Art Gallery

The Prasad Art Gallery is an attempt that has been made to take the fine arts towards the next stage. This gallery is located in Mangalore in the state of Karnataka. The main aim of the gallery is to notice many new artists and portray their paintings to the world so that everyone can see the talent in them. This place is definitely a treat for all art lovers and the amateur students who are thriving hard to make a success through their art forms.

The Prasad Art Gallery was started and developed by Mr. K. Koti Prasad Alva with a dream to develop the art knowledge to the people in this world. The center has done many exhibitions to take place in and around the city and it does teach the professional artistry to their students. One can learn various types of art forms like charcoal painting, Batik, glass painting and much more from this place. The fees that the gallery asks from the students are very low and they are maintaining a very flexible timing schedule that can be convenient to the students who are interested in developing their knowledge in the field of art.

Artist Asha Shetty at Prasad Art Gallery in Mangalore
Artist Asha Shetty explaining her paintings at Prasad Art Gallery in Mangalore

Features of Prasad Art Gallery

This gallery is not only the famous gallery in Mangalore, it has also got the following features that make many people choose it to develop their knowledge.
  • Well-made lighting system
  • Display arrangements
  • Innovative frames
  • Mailing lists and the press facility
  • Friendly togetherness between the working people
  • Low maintenance charges
One can exhibit their talents through this gallery. You can visit them and make a group or one man show by joining hands with them. This can make your art reach with more people all around the world. The people who would visit such exhibitions come from many artistic backgrounds and your talent can get reorganized. Some artists do make their art works get displayed in this gallery on a regular basis.
The gallery is very much famous in teaching various art forms like Drawing, Oil painting, Charcoal painting, Glass painting, Clay modeling, Batik, Ceramic, Nib Painting, Mysore Style and Mehendi.  The official website of them can make you know more about their recent works and the latest news about the events that are said to be arranged by them.

Other popular Art Galleries in Mangalore

Shevgoor Finer Arts, Ajantha Arts and Crafts, Sathyas Framing Gallery, Rama Laxminarayan Conventional Hall, Srimati Bai Memorial Government Museum are some of the other famous art galleries in Mangalore. These galleries provide various services related to various art forms. It has got the best historical collection of paintings that are preserved and exhibited by them. They do teach and encourage new budding artists who are in need of a platform to develop their artistic skills.

An artist can turn profession only when their perspective towards an object changes. If you want to change such things, then you should be visiting the Srimathi Bai Memorial Governement Museum in Mangalore that has got many numbers of sculptures and paintings that were done by the architects in the past. The historical buildings that can be found surrounding Mangalore can also teach various things to the budding artists.

Soaring Popularity of Handicrafts in Mangalore

The handicrafts made in Mangalore are of high art value, various types of show pieces are made with different materials among which wooden handicrafts are most famous. Wooden handicraft of Mangalore is extremely famous in entire nation and the woods used in these handicrafts are not the cheap ones, in fact they use Sandal Wood, Teak Wood and Shivani Wood for making unique handicraft pieces.

Apart from the small show pieces and display items wooden furniture, Incense stick, Lacquerware stuffs and Perfumery are made as handicraft items. Décor products made of gold, silver and bronze also has a huge demand in the city. The décor things made here are shipped across the nation as its demand is quite high because of its beauty, durability, affordability, and exquisiteness. Mangalore handicraft items are so beautifully designed that many times people get boggled whether its hand crafted or machine work, the craftsmen are so profound in their skills that it will take years for a normal man to get the detailing perfectly.

Arts and Crafts Galleries in Mangalore

Preediv Art Gallery
Address: 201 Duple, 2nd Floor, Opp Old Bejai Market, Bejai New Road ,
Upon New SBI NRI, Branch, Bejai, Mangalore, Karnataka 575004
Phone: 0824 221 1682

Shree Chakrapani Fine Arts & Educational Trust
Address: Attavar, Mangalore, Karnataka
Phone: 094 48 549279

Shree Chakrapani School of Art 
Address: N.G.Road, Attavar, Mangalore, Karnataka, 575001
Phone: 094 48 549279

Akriti Arts and Crafts
Address: Kodailbail, Mangalore, Karnataka 575003

Indian Art's & Craft's
Address: KS Rao Rd, Hampankatta, Mangalore, Karnataka 575001

One can also witness various handicraft shops in and around Mangalore. The whole city holds the pride in developing various art forms through their art galleries and by the exhibitions that take place all around the year. If you an artistic person who is looking to witness some contemporary type of art forms, then visit the galleries and handicraft shops that can make you get excited by the skills of the people in this place. The King Tippu Sulthan who ruled this place has created many places that brought the artistic talents from within the architects.
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