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Weekend Getaways from Mangalore

Mangalore is a city that is located in the state of Karnataka. This city has got the best tourist spots in and around it. Many people visit Mangalore to stay there and visit different places around it. All the tourist destinations that can be found around Mangalore can be easily reached through any type of transportation as Mangalore is highly connected with good road and train services. The following are some of the famous and the most visited weekend getaway places in and around Mangalore. If you are about to visit Mangalore, note down the below mentioned places so that you can have some splendid time traveling around Mangalore with your family or with your friends.

Mantra Surfing Club

Mantra Surfing Club is situated in Mulki that is said to be at a distance of about 30 km from Mangalore. This is the best nearest and the most wanted weekend getaways for people who live in Mangalore. If you are visiting Mangalore for more than a week, then you can easily visit this place. This place has been honored as India’s very first surfing club that has been introduced to India by the International Surfing Community. This community was started by Rick Perry and Jack Hebner during the year 2006 and during this year, many pioneers starting to surf the east coast of the United States. Surfing can promote a person to turn into a healthy and spiritual one.

Mantra Surfing Club
A surfer hits the waves at the Mantra Surfing Club located in Mangalore

Mantra Surfing Club is also called as an ashram. The members of the ashram surf daily through various programs that include meditation and other activities. They also do meditation and mantra chanting by using the Japamala. This type of mantra chanting makes the surfing club an innovative and unique one when compared to the other surfing club in India. The most important and the common purpose of this club is the maintain a good spiritual health to all people who visit it all around the year.

This club also celebrates festivals all around the year by accompanying with the neighboring village people. They do teach the significance of spiritual life and the ways to lead life in a spiritual way. The club has been 15 years old and many people from all around India visit this place to learn the spiritual realities that can be used in their life. One can learn a new and unique perspective of living in this world after visiting this club.


Karala is an attractive place that is located 52 km away from Mangalore. One can reach this place within one hour as Mangalore has got the best transportation facilities to make you reach the place in an hour of time. Karakala has got many traces of history that said to be existed during the 10th century under the ruling of the Jain Kings. The rulers who existed during this century have built many Jain basadis and temples in this place. The structures of this place can attract any tourist to stay for long hours and have a glimpse about the glorious past that existed in the past generation. As the Jain statues and the architecture of it are said to be brilliant, the UNESCO has declared it as one among the World Heritage Site that is said to be in existence in this world.

One can find the largest and the huge structure of Bahubali mounted in this place. The statue is said to be 42 feet tall and it is the second tallest statue in the state of Karnataka. The Bahubali statue has got the Brahmadeva Pillar stand tall in front of this statue. The pillar is said to be a remarkable one and it does portray the architectural brilliance that existed with the architects who lived in the past generation.

Karkala has got more than 18 Jain basids that track everyone back towards the history of this place. There are various ancient temple located in this place, namely Adi Shakthi and Anantashayana. Karkala is also famous for following some of its historic traditions like Tiger Dance and Huliyesha. Buffalo racing is also famous at this place.

Buffalo racing
Buffalo racing is held at Karkala with great fervor that attracts lot of tourist attraction


Udupi is the most wanted tourist destination that is said to be at a distance of 62 km from Mangalore. One can reach this place within one hour of time by taking the road. This place is very famous for the Krishna temple and the cuisine that it provides to the devotees who visit it. The name Udupi had turned famous and one can find many delicious dishes in the name of it. The Madhwa community people are the ones who cook the food for the Lord and they have been preparing food to offer to the Lord for many ages.
Udupi Krishnan temple
Udipi Krishnan Temple in Mangalore was built around the 13th century

The temples at this place are dedicated to Lord Krishna. It has also got temples of Lord Shiva and it is said to be 1000 years old temple. It is situated nearby Yellur. The Saint Madhavacharya established the Udupi Krishna Math at this place during the 13th century. The Brahmins took the responsibility to provide offerings to God for many years. They do offer simple, yet, delicious and hygiene food to God that can be served to the devotees who visit it all around the year. The food that are prepared in this place are made from the Udupi Cuisines, which is said to be a famous type of cuisine in India. The dosas in this temple are highly delicious and many foreign tourists do visit it to taste the dosas.

Udupi has got the most beautiful beach named as Malpe. It has also got the Yellur Shri Vishweshwara temple that can be reached through train or bus services. One can find the Gurukul attached with the Krishna Math in this temple and it teaches the Dvaitam philosophy to people who are very much interested in learning the basic concept that are said to be found in Vaishnavism. Handmade toys in Udupi are very famous and one can find different toy drums for kids in the Krishna temples.

The Krishna Temple has got many legends surrounding the temple. One of the local legend has said that during the 16th century, one among the devotee of Lord Krishna named as Kanakadasa wanted to get a Darshan from the Lord. He belonged to a lower caste and which made him not to enter into the temple. Kanakadasa tried to take a look and get the blessings from the God by having a glimpse through the small windows that can be found in this temple. This is where the Lord has turned himself to give a complete Darshan for his devotee. The local people highly believe this and they do worship Lord Krishna in many ways all around the year.

People in this place worship both Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna in different ways and their life are highly connected with the God. Lord Shiva is said to be the resort many everyone who lives in Udupi and he was the one who created the Moon and stars and offered poojan to them. The Lingam is said to be in existence in Udupi even today and this is where the town got its name as Udupi. Udu means Lord and Pa stands for the stars in Sanskrit language.


Malpe is a beautiful place that is located at a distance of about 67 km from Mangalore. This can be reached within one hour through the close knit transport system and it is said to be the most wanted weekend getaway place from Mangalore. This place is a beach town and it is at a distance of six kilometers from Udupi. Malpe is a natural port and it is very much known as the important fishing point in the Karnataka coastline. Maple is situated on the sides of the Udyavara River, which is said to be a great picnic spot for families.

Malpe has got unique islands in them and it is what attracts many tourists to visit it all around the year. The volcanic rocks can be found in Malpe around the coastline. The St. Mary’s island is said to be unique in terms of shape and it has been completely made up of basaltic Lava that was formed as a result of volcanic eruption in this person. Malpe has been recorded as one among the Geo-tourism places in India and many geologists do visit it to know more about it. This place has also got some famous temples of Lord Anantheswara and Balarama.

The island has also got a fort and it was constructed by the Great Basavappa Nayakar in the past centuries. The boat ride in St. Mary’s Island is a thrilling one and every tourist can take a ride while visiting Malpe. The sands are golden in color and one can witness a bunch of coconut trees surround this place with calm water. The water is said to be very calm and one can feel the peace and nature of this place. The tourists are allowed to take a swim at this place. As the sea is said to be mostly calm all around the year, one can easily swim in and around the sea.

The Malpe beach is more beautiful than the Caribbean counterparts. It has got a clear blue sky with serene water surrounding the island. The local people do take proper care to preserve this place as they are very much close to the island. Malpe has got some of the best beach side resorts with them.


Agumbe is a small village that is located in the Tirthahalli taluk that comes under the famous Malnad region. This place is said to be 100 km away from Mangalore. One can easily reach this place within two and a half hours of time as the roads to visit this place are well established by the Government of India. This place is very much famous for the beautiful sunset that can be witnessed along the Arabian Sea from this region. It has also got breathtaking landscapes and is said to receive the highest rainfall in the Southern part of India.

This place is also used as the home for the Agumbe Rainforest Research Station. There are many plants that can be found in and around Agumbe. These plants are used for various medicinal purposes by the researchers. Agumbe has also got a protected area that conserves the medicinal plants in each and every way. This place has got a beautiful waterfall. Agumbe is a small village that is spread out only about 3 sq. km. The population of this village is very low and only 500 people have said to be living in this place. The people who are living in this place make use of the plantations and various products from the forest to fulfill their own needs. This place also offers trekking options for the travelers that can be more than adventurous. One can witness many types of forest creatures roaming in and around the foliage as it is home for them. There are many venomous snakes found in this place. The iconic King Cobra is present in this place and they are long in terms of size.


Sringeri is a very rich and green land that is situated in Chikmagalur district in the state of Karnataka. This place is about 106 km away from Mangalore. If you are looking for some historical places to visit during your weekends, then this is the best place that can be reached within two hours of time from Mangalore. Lord Adi Shankarachary choose this place in order to build his own mutta as he had witnessed some remarkable things upon his arrival in Sringeri.

When he was wandering around the banks of the famous Tunga River, he witnessed a cobra that was said to be spreading the hood to protect a pregnant frog from the sun rays affecting it. This is where he got struck by the kindness of the cobra even when the frog was its enemy. Thousands of people are said to be visiting his Sharda Peetham in the present. The Sarada Temple and Vidya Shankar temple are some of the other places to visit in this place. The Vidya Shankar temple has got 12 pillars that can coincide with zodiac signs. The pillars do represent the zodiac signs in a unique way. The temple was said to be built by following the astronomical concepts that were followed in the past centuries. The respected Hindu saint named Adi Shankaracharya had set his first matha in this place that can be found along the banks of the famous river Tunga. After this Sringeri become one of the important place to be visited by thousands of pilgrims from all around the world.


Horanadu is famous place that is located in Chickmagalur in the state of Karnataka. This place is about 125 km away from Mangalore. If you are looking for some spiritual places to visit during your weekend, then this might be the perfect place. It does take only two hours and a half hours of time to reach this place from Mangalore. Horanadu has got the most famous Annapoorneshwari Temple.

The whole area in and around Horanad is covered completely by dense forests and valleys that makes this place the most wanted tourist spot in Karnataka. This small town has got the best natural beauty of hills and mountains. The deity in the Annapoorneshwari temple is said to be made up of gold and the pilgrims who visit this temple all around the year do offer food to the Lord. When the God Shiva was cursed in the past, the God in this temple made the blessings of Lord Shiva which indeed made the curse get reversed. Every pilgrim who visits the temple is said to get a place to sleep and food to make them stay healthy.

Bendre Theertha

Bendre Teertha is a famous tourist spot that is can be reached within half an hour of travel from Mangalore. This place is located at a distance of about 15 km from Mangalore and it has got the best Hot Water Spring that flows along the banks of the great river Seerehole. This place was once a famous trading center in the past generations. Bendre Theertha means Holy Water in the local Tulu language. This holy water has the power to cure any type of skin disease that can occur in a human being.

Mangalore has got the best weekend getaways around it. People who live in Mangalore used to visit these places all around the year during their weekends. Each and every place are different from one another and it can be witnessed when one travels around Mangalore. Relax and make yourself happy during the weekends so that you work happily through the rest of the working days in your day to day life. The real beauty of the Mangalore city is that is the pathway to reach many great destinations that can be found in and around it.

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