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Transport in Mangalore

Mangalore’s locations is considered to be quite ideal and perfect and it is only because of its geographical location makes it easily accessible by all the major forms of transport namely air, road, sea and rail. The man behind the construction and the springing up of Mangalore International Airport, New Mangalore Port and National Highway in Mangalore was U. Srinivas Mallya, a native individual of Mangalore and also Member of the Indian Parliament. There is a statue of U. Srinivas Mallya constructed along NH 17 very close to Kadri Park and there is another statue that has been constructed at the doorway of New Mangalore Harbor. The transportation service in Mangalore is very well planned and it is supposed to be the best system of transportation in India because of the quality and the affordable prices that are charged. This makes people who visit Mangalore to avail its medical facilities in healthcare sector reach the city from all corners of the nation.

Air Transport in Mangalore - Reaching Mangalore by Air

The transportation services in Mangalore are supported by airways, waterways, railways and the roadways of Mangalore. The Mangalore International Airport and the Mangalore Harbor serve as the most important parts of the transportation services of Mangalore. Just for a start it can be said that airways of Mangalore form a very important and indelible section of the transportation system that is followed in Mangalore. Mangalore International Airport is situated at Bajpe which lies at a distance of 20 kilometers from the central point of the city.

There is a new terminal that has started its operations from mid 2009 and it lies at a distance of 8 kilometers from the center of the city. Mangalore International Airport possesses various flights that help in connecting Mangalore to different destinations that are located at various places throughout the world. Emirates, SpiceJet, Jet Airways and Air India are some of the airline operators that operate at the Mangalore International Airport. Mangalore International Airport has grown and developed at present and huge infrastructural development has also been found at the airport recently.

Air Transport in Mangalore
Flights at Mangalore International Airport

Sea Transport in Mangalore - Reaching Mangalore by Sea

Mangalore Harbor is also a major part of the transportation in Mangalore as it connects the city to different areas of the globe. Mangalore Harbor works in the form of a support for the transportation of fluid and bulk cargos. Infact, it can be said that Mangalore Harbor serves as the doorway of Karnataka. The New Mangalore Port serves as a station for Coast Guard and it is a modern and artificial harbor located at a distance of 10 kilometers north of Mangalore. The New Mangalore Port at present is India’s ninth largest port for handling cargo.

Rail Transport in Mangalore - Reaching Mangalore by Rail

In the past, Mangalore served as the very last station that helped in connecting Mangalore to various cities and towns of India. The endeavor to connect Mangalore to Hassan by way of a railway track running through Western Ghats has failed. At present, there is a very wide gauge line that connects Mangalore to Bangalore through Hassan. There are a number of trains that connect Coimbatore and Shoranpur. The southern railway connects Mangalore to Chennai.

Rail Transport in Mangalore
The railways of Mangalore are well connected to prominent locations in India

When India got its Independence in 1947, it was found that there were no trains that could connect Mangalore to Mumbai. The network of railway introduced between Mangalore and Mumbai was terminated before independence. It was due to the utter need of connecting Mangalore to Mumbai that the Konkan Railway was established. The project of establishing Konkan Railway concluded in the year 1998 and since that year Mangalore is very well connected to the northern part of India and the time consumed to travel has also been minimized.

Road Transport in Mangalore - Reaching Mangalore by Road

Furthermore, Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation runs the bus service in Mangalore which largely supports the system of transportation in Mangalore. There is an amazing roadways network found in Mangalore. The bus services available in Mangalore connect the city to several parts of Karnataka and also India. NH 27 is the National Highway of Mangalore that connects the city to some of the most important towns and cities in India.

Four National Highways are found passing through Mangalore and these highways connect Mangalore to various parts of the country. NH 17 is the National Highway that runs through Panvel located in Maharashtra upto Edapally Junction located very close to Kochi in the state of Kerala. This National Highway passes Mangalore in the north-south direction. NH 48 is the National Highway that runs eastwards connecting the city to Bangalore which is the capital of Karnataka through NH 4. NH 13 runs in the north-east direction from Mangalore to a place called Sholapur and there is the State Highway that connects Mangalore to Mysore city passing through Madikeri which is a hill town. NH 234 is a 75 kilometers long Highway connecting the city of Mangalore to Villupuram.

Bus Transport in Mangalore
The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation offers prominent service to the public

Local Transport for the Public

The city bus service of Mangalore is very well operated by the private operators and the routes of this bus service cover the entire city and even beyond the city. Normally, there remain two specific sets of bus routes where the routes of the city are covered by the city buses and the routes of the intercity are covered by the express and service buses. Services buses are the buses that go through or pass all the villages and towns located on the routes of the intercity. On the other hand, the Express buses have no stops amid their routes because they have a very limited frame of time allotted to reach their destination.

Auto rickshaw is another mode of local transport that can be used for moving around the city. Rs.17 for 2 kilometers is the minimum charge that is taken by the drivers of auto rickshaws in Mangalore. The meter system of charging the customers is used and is found available with all the auto rickshaws of the city and also the suburbs of the city. However, the charges are not counted according to the meter in the time frame that ranges between 9 pm to 6 am.

Mangalore City Bus Routes

KSRTC or Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation operates all the lengthy and time consuming bus routes that connect Mangalore to various other parts of Karnataka. Mangalore-Bangalore bus route is considered to be the most profitable bus route and is widely used by both public as well as private buses.

The Mangalore-Ankola-Hubli-Belgaum-Pune-Mumbai is the longest bus route in Mangalore and this bus route is widely used by KSRTC and private operators. The entire journey of this route is twenty two hours by the use of normal buses and sixteen hours if Volvo Buses are used.

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