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Tourism in Mangalore

The anglicized description of Mangaluru is Mangalore, which is the name given to the city in local language. The city is called Mangalpuram in Malayalam. Mangalore derives its name from Mangaladevi, the Temple Goddess and Mangaluru also means the city of Devi Mangala. Mangalore is a city that is found to be filled with beaches, luxurious green meadows and fields and even some of the most beautiful and enchanting forests. The Western Ghats are found towards the east of Mangalore while the massive Arabian Sea lies on its west. The city also serves to be the main commercial center of Karnataka because of its port. National Highway No. 17 serves as the lifeline of Mangalore and at the same time it also makes the city much more picturesque as the National Highway runs for a distance of 95 kilometers approximately parallel to the sea.

Scenic beauty of Mangalore
The lighthouse situated along the shores of Mangalore is a favorite spot of tourists
Mangalore is the administrative head office of the district of Dakshina Kannada and it is also a very important port in Arabian Sea. Mangalore is also considered to be a historic city because the city has a very rich cultural history associated with its inception. The port of Mangalore has been serving the state of Karnataka since the 6th century AD and major export items of Mangalore include cashew nuts and coffee. Mangalore is also famous in the world market for its thriving businesses based on cigarettes, seafood and roof tiles.

Mangalore is a scenic land that is dominated by distinctive palms with the majestic streams and the rolling hills in its backdrop. The entire city of Mangalore is quite picturesque and it can easily be spotted with roof tiled buildings because of the fact that the roof tiles of Mangalore manufactured by the use of red clay are very popular throughout India. The city of Mangalore is a bustling city with sandy and beautiful beaches, old and artistic temples and uneven roads. The prominent Lighthouse is the perfect destination for the tourists who visit Mangalore in order to spend their in a happy, relaxed and excited way.

The vegetation of Mangalore is found to be dominated by Asoka trees, palm trees, coconut trees and many other types of trees. Much of modernization is found in Mangalore but still the city has been very successful in preserving its greenery that make the city environment friendly.

The most widely visited and popular tourist attractions of Mangalore are Lighthouse Hillock, Seemanthi Bai Bejai Museum, Mangaladevi Temple, some mosques and churches. The coastline of Mangalore is also very beautiful with some of the wonderful beaches like Mukka Beach, Someshwar Beach, Tannirbavi Beach, KREC Beach and the silky and most beautiful Panambur Beach.

Temple in Mangalore
The Gokarnatheshwara Temple at Kudroli in Mangalore

Yakshangana is the most famous folk dance of the city and it is quite spectacular. This is a night long drama and dance concert that serves as the perfect representation of the cultural heritage of Mangalore. This folk dance of Mangalore is also considered as the main attraction for the tourists who visit the city. The city of Mangalore is found to be charming with business and trade and it serves as a real paradise for the people who love shopping. Industrial estates, processing units of seafood and huge shopping complexes play a very important role in the industrial development of Mangalore.

Tours and Travels in Mangalore

Mangalore is very often proclaimed as gateway to the state of Karnataka. The city of Mangalore is very picaresque with its wonderful temples, mosques, churches and beaches and at the same time it is also a commercial center because of its port. The port city of Mangalore was recognized for the first time in the 14th century when the rulers of this city established trading and business ties with the Persian Gulf kingdoms. Since Mangalore’s location is on the coast, several dynasties of rulers have ruled this city from time to time. Bitter battles were fought between the British, the Portuguese and the rulers of Mysore Hyder Ali and his son Tipu Sultan in order to rule the city. The different rulers who have ruled Mangalore have been successful in leaving their mark in Mangalore and at present Mangalore is considered to be an assimilation of different cultures. Additionally, the city has also been successful in retaining its importance in the form of the most important port in India and the port handles a very large proportion of the exports of cashew nuts and coffee.

Mangalore Church
A church located on the Bangalore to Mangalore Highway

Mangalore also serves to be a paradise for the lovers of nature. The natural beauty of Mangalore is simply exclusive and wonderful. Around 132.45 square kilometers of the city is found to be spread over the waters of the Gurupura and Netravati Rivers. There are many golden beaches found on the coast of the Arabian Sea and all the beaches are dotted with beautiful palms. The stunning countenance of the city is found to be topped with traditional houses made of red roof tiles and green hills.         

Travel to Mangalore - Must Visit Places

Mangalore is considered to be a tourist destination because of the wonderful and exquisite beauty that it possesses. People who plan their trip to Mangalore should not miss on visiting the places that have been mentioned below. These are the places that are considered to be the most important places in Mangalore possessing wonderful beauty and charm. The most important tourist destinations of Mangalore have been detailed below:

•    Seemanthi Bai Government Museum: The Seemanthi Bai Government Museum is situated at Bejai which serves as the center or the heart of Mangalore. the museum has been named after Seemanthi Bai who was the mother of an officer of the British Raj namely V.R. Mirajkar. The museum is the one and the only museum in the city of Mangalore and it is found to be a great assimilation of 16th century with the modern history of India.
•    Sultan Battery: Sultan Battery is majorly a watch tower that is supposed to be constructed by the Mysore ruler Tipu Sultan in order to get a view of the warships entry through the Gurupura River. Though Sultan Battery was supposed to work in the form of a very simple tower, the entire tower has been marvelously constructed and it also gives an individual the feeling of a very small fortress that consists of many apertures for the rising cannons.
•    Lighthouse Hill Garden: Lighthouse Hill Garden was built by Hyder Ali and this hill garden is located very close to the city center. The most important attractions from the Lighthouse Hill garden has been recently renovated are the breathtaking scenes of ships sailing and the beautiful sight of the setting sun.

Mangalore Beach
Mangalore beach is located at the convergence of the Gurupura and the Netravati Rivers that form the backwaters. This beach is very popular for the beautiful sight of sunset from the beach.

Ullal Beach
Ullal beach in Mangalore is very famous for its serene beauty and clean seashore. The beach lies at a distance of 15 kilometers from the city of Mangalore and it serves to be the prime location for the tourists who visit Mangalore. The beach serves to be just perfect for enjoying some moments filled with bliss while watching the sunset through Casuarinas Groves.

Kadri Hill Park
Kadri Hill Park is a very beautiful park that consists of an animal conservatory that has been very well-maintained. The Kadri Hill Park is considered to be the largest garden in the city of Mangalore. This Hill Park consists of a very huge variety of different species in wild animals like anteaters, sambar, leopard, spotted deer, monkeys, jackals and crocodiles. Different types of reptiles are also common in this garden.

Kadri Manjunath Temple
Kadri Manjunath Temple is an old temple that dates back to the year 1608 and this temple is situated at the foothills of the Kadri Hills close to Dharmasthala. The temple is found to be constructed in Vijayanagara architectural style long with some traces of the Buddhist influence. Lord Shiva is the presiding idol at this temple called Shree Manjunath and is found shaped in the form of Udbhava Linga.

Kudroli Gokarnath Temple
Kudroli Gokarnath Temple was built in the year 1912 and it stands as one the most important tourist attractions of Mangalore. The Kudroli Gokarnath Temple is a very exclusive temple that was built by a social reformer and saint from Kerala namely Sri Narayan Guru.

Masjid Zeenath Baksh
Masjid Zeenath Baksh which is also called Jumma Masjid in the city of Mangalore stands as a distinguishing example of a mosque in India. The mosque represents the wonderful Islamic architecture that is found to be influenced by the blend of the local style and the regional style of architecture. This mosque is visited by a large number of devotees every year.

Milagres Church
Milagres Church is the Church of Our Lady of Miracles and this church is found to be centrally located in the city of Mangalore. Theatine Priest from Salcette namely Bishop Thomas de Castro somberly constructed this church in the year 1680.

Shri Sharavu Mahaganapathi Temple
Shri Sharavu Mahaganapathi Temple is an unavoidable and inevitable location that is found on the tourist map of the southern part of India. The city of Mangalore is very famous in the form of pilgrim center and it also possesses numerous scared and prominent temples. Shri Sharavu Mahaganapathi Temple is one of the temples that Mangalore is famous for. The temple is easily accessible because it is centrally located in the city of Mangalore.

St. Aloysius Church
St. Aloysius Church is located in the St, Aloysius College campus that is found to be the center of the city of Mangalore. This church was built in the year 1885 by the great Rev Father Joseph Wily. The church is found to bear close resemblance with the famous Sistine Chapel located at Rome. The church is considered to be simply spectacular because of the magnificent paintings that are found on the ceiling of the church.

New Mangalore Port
the New Mangalore Port came into existence in the year 1974 and it is located at Panambur very close to Mangalore. The port is popularly known as New Mangalore Port Trust that is NMPT and is the only major and important port located in the state of Karnataka. The new Mangalore Port is the ninth largest port in India and it took twelve years to complete the construction of this port.

Mangaladevi Temple
The city of Mangalore has got its name from this temple. The Mangaladevi Temple is located at a distance of 3 kilometers from the main bus stand of Mangalore. The Ballal Family of Attavar built this temple in the fond memory of a beautiful Princess who belonged to Kerala.

Other Major Tourist Destinations in Mangalore

The other tourist destinations in Mangalore have been listed below:
  • Dharmasthala
  • Udipi
  • Jog Falls
  • Gorkarna
  • St. Mary Beach
  • Suratkal Beach
  • Ullal Durgah
  • Western Ghats near Mangalore
  • Mantra Surf Club
  • Pilikula Nisarga Dhama
  • Someshwar Beach
  • Tannirbavi Beach
  • Kapu Beach
  • Malpe Beach
  • Bhagavathi Kshetra, Kudroli
  • Someshwar Somnath Temple
  • Hayatul Islam Masjid

Experience Wonderful Shopping in Mangalore

There are a lot of shopping complexes and malls located in Mangalore. Hampankatta, Kankanady, Falnir and Balmatta are the shopping area of Mangalore. Apart from these areas, there are some new malls that are found springing up in Mangalore on MG Road which possesses a dual carriageway. There are some very popular malls located in Mangalore such as the Bharath Mall, the Empire Mall and the City Center.

The Big Bazaar, Big Cinemas Multiplex, Planet M, Food Bazaar, Pizza Hut, Coffee Day, Pantaloons, Swarovski, Levis, Reebok, Adidas, Provogue, Subway and Planet Sports are some of the branded shops that are found located within the Bharath Mall. Saibeen Complex which is a very big market is also located on MG Road.

Coffee Day, Nilgiris Supermarket, some retail chains and a restaurant called Amazon multicuisine restaurant is located within the Empire Mall. Combinations which is a very famous shop for cosmetic requirements and artificial jewllery is also located within the Empire Mall.

The City Center Mall on K.S.Road, Mangalore is the second largest mall in the state of Karnataka. The retail space possessed by this mall is 800,000 square feet. Westside, Lifestyle, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Landmark and Spencer’s are some of the branded shops located in the City Center Mall. Cinepolis which is the world’s fourth largest operator of multiplexes based in Mexico possesses a 5 screen multiplex at City Center Mall. Auchan Hypermarket is also located within the City Center Mall.
Pio Mall, Mischief Mega Mall, Mak-Mall, Excel Mall, Times Square, Spectrum, Bharath Mall 2, Golden Harvest Mall and Mangalore Central Mall are some of the malls that are being planned to be set up in Mangalore.

Very similar to the other big cities of India like Mumbai and Bangalore, huge crowd is also found in the malls that are located in Mangalore as the people or the localites are also found to be crazy for shopping. There are some small stores of fashion like Saree House, Signature Shopping and Envy that are also located in Mangalore. The oldest showroom for retail shopping in Mangalore is Adka’s Cotton World that is spread over an area of 6000 square feet. This showroom is very good at providing the latest trend in clothing fashion for women, men and kids. The showroom is situated at Kankanady.

The most popular supermarkets of Mangalore are the following:
  • Ganesh Bazaar on GHS Road
  • Janatha Bazaar on GHS Road
  • Big Bazaar & Food Bazaar within Bharath Mall
  • Nilgiri's within Empire Mall
  • Jimmy's Supermarket
  • Baliga's Supermarket near K.S.R.T.C.
  • Joofry's  within Saibeen Complex
  • Aditya Birla's More For You at Attavar
  • Easy Day at Attavar
  • Auchan Hypermarket within City Center Mall
  • V Hypermart within Mischief Mall

Travel to Mangalore

By Air: Mangalore International Airport is located at Bajpe and it lies at a distance of 20 kilometers from Mangalore. The airport serves daily flights to Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Goa, Calicut, Delhi and Surat in domestic sector. Flights in the international segment are to Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Doha, Dammam, Kuwait, Bahrain and Muscat. The companies that operate their flights at the Mangalore International Airport are SpiceJet, Air India Express, Jet Airways and Air India.

By Rail: There are two important railway stations found in Mangalore. One is Mangalore Central which is situated at Hampankatta and it serves as a terminus used by those trains that have their last stop at Mangalore. The other railway station is Mangalore Junction located at Kankanady which lies at distance of 5 kilometers from Mangalore. The trains that ply long distances and the trains that do not have their last stop at Mangalore are found at this railway station. The other important railway stations located in Mangalore are Udupi Railway Station and Surathkal railway Station.

By Road: There are also two main bus stands located in Mangalore for the people who require bus services for long distances. One is the KSRTC bus stand that is operated by the state and is located at Bejai in the northern part of Mangalore. This is a bus service that operates buses to Bangalore, Goa, Mysore, Hubli-Dharwad and Mumbai. This is a bus stand that also calls in buses from the Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation, Tamil Nadu State Transport and Kerala State Transport.

The other bus stand in Mangalore is just at the back of Town Hall and is called State Bank bus stand by the local people of Mangalore. The third main bus stand of the city is just in front of Milagres Church. The bus services that are found in Mangalore operate buses to close by towns of Kerala and Karnataka.
Mangalore is also very well connected to Hyderabad through NH 13 and Kerala, Mumbai and Goa and even to Bangalore through NH 48. The highways in Mangalore are very narrow and they are two-laned. Cars can also be used to reach Mangalore in a comfortable manner.

Mangalore City Travel Options

Tourists can always get around the city of Mangalore very easily because there are auto rickshaws and frequent buses available as it has the best transport system for the visitors as well as the locals. The fast travel alternative in the city are the cabs that can be used by tourists.

Bus: The buses that are found in Mangalore ply to different locations and parts of the city and they are also available frequently. The people of Mangalore generally prefer the buses for transportation and therefore the buses are found to be crowded very often. The buses run from the most important bus stand of Mangalore that is Central Bus Stand to all the important parts of the city.

Auto Rickshaw: Auto Rickshaws in the city of Mangalore are considered to be very safe and at the same time they also help an individual reach his or her destination very fast. The auto rickshaws in Mangalore run on meters and the minimum charge of the auto rickshaws is Rs.13 for two kilometers and Rs.8 for each additional kilometer.

Taxis: The cabs or the taxis in Mangalore do not run on meter and the minimum charge of the taxis can range between Rs.350 to Rs.500.

Mangalore Travel Tips

The clothing requirements for travelling to Mangalore are very simple because the weather that is experienced in Mangalore is not too harsh. Cotton clothing is enough for the summers and light woolen clothes are for the winters in Mangalore. Beachwear should also be brought in by the people who love to enjoy on the beaches of Mangalore.

Must do at Mangalore

The temples and the churches of Mangalore should be visited and people should also make it a point to visit the beaches of Mangalore. There are dense jungles that can also be taken as an activity by people who love adventure.

Contact Details of Mangalore Tourism

Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation
Address: Hampankatta Mangalore, Karnataka 575001
Department of Tourism, Government of Karnataka
Address: 49, 2nd Floor, Khanija Bhavan, Race Course Road, Bangalore 560 001
Tel: 080-2235 2828
Fax: 080-2235 2626
Toll Free Number: 1600-44-1414.

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