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Things To Do In Mangalore

Mangalore is a famous city in the state of Karnataka. It is known as the heart city of Karnataka as it has got many exciting tourist destinations in and around this city that has attracted people from all over India and even from other countries to visit it all around the year. Mangalore is famous for its beaches, parks, hill stations, temples, mosques, churches and other places that are crowded mostly with many people during the weekend days. There are many weekend getaways from Mangalore that can be visited in a few hours of drive from Mangalore. This city has also got many hotels and restaurants that can serve the best food in Karnataka. The tradition and culture of the people who live in Mangalore can be witnessed all around the city and it has also got the best spicy food that is the most wanted in South India.

Places to Visit in Mangalore

Explore the Sultan Battery

There are many places in Mangalore that speak high of the history of the place and its rulers. Sultan Battery in Mangalore is the only place that has been existing in the recent days from the Tipu Sultan’s fort. This small place is surrounded completely by backwaters and the main reason to build this place was to witness if any enemies are entering into their empire. This place is just 4 kms away from Mangalore and one can reach it easily through any type of transportation. Although this is the only remains that was found to be existed during the Tipu Sultan’s ruling in this place, it is getting destroyed every day as the beach water has been eroding the fort completely in the last few years. If you want to witness the only remains of Tipu Sultan, then you should visit this place to witness it before it gets completely destroyed by nature.

Tipu Sultan battery
The Tipu Sultan Battery still looks stunning despite being eroded by salty beach water

Visit the Milagres Church

Milagres Church has got a great significance in making the roots of Catholicism stronger in Karnataka. Many people have made their efforts to build this church, even after when it was destroyed by Tipu Sultan. After the death of Tipu Sultan, the church was rebuilt in Mangalore and it was the only place for Christians offered their prayers to Jesus in the past generations. This holy place still exists and found to be used by many people in Mangalore. The church has got a historical significance and it can be felt while witnessing it using your own eyes.

Have a great time with the entertainment in Mangalore

If you are looking for some place to freak out with your friends, then Mangalore has plenty of spots for entertainment. If you crave for some spicy nightlife, hit at some of the pubs here. Make a note of a few as it can be useful when you are visiting Mangalore with your friends. These trending pubs have got some funky posters and a neon-lit-interiors that can attract any youngsters who visit it for the very first time. A stiff Jack or the cold Corona can satiate your thirst in these pubs. The dance floors are awesome and you can even shake a leg with your partner.  The music in these places is different every day, which makes many people to visit it more often. Hang out at some of the shopping malls such as city center, Bharat malls etc that are equipped with latest high end features and has numerous shops that sell everything ranging from gift items, apparels, fresh fruits, veggies, games, restaurants and food items.

Places to eat in Mangalore

South Indians would love to add more spices to their food, people from Mangalore does follow the same. One can eat anywhere in Mangalore to taste the real spice in it. The following are the famous restaurants in Mangalore that must be visited while visiting it with your friends or family.

Fish fry
Most of the restaurants in Mangalore serve spicy fish fry that is delicious and tasty

Lalith Restaurant
The fish fry is very much famous in this restaurant and the masala in which the fish has been fried up has all the tasty spices added to it. The sea foods at this place are more than awesome and the sea foods are fresh and clean as they are captured from the nearest sea destinations. There are many beaches in and around Mangalore and it does have a variety of fishes in them. Such fishes and other sea foods can be eaten up at this restaurant in a very low price. Never turn around this place for its basement decor. Taste the food in this place and you will regret for visiting it in your life.

This restaurant has got an elegant and a warm interior with awesome sweeping views in and around the restaurant. The spicy chicken uruval is very much famous in this restaurant. It is also known as the coconut coastal curry or the yummy prawn ghee roast. Many people who visit Mangalore, never miss to walk towards this restaurant and taste the spicy foods from them.

Mangalore is a famous city for seafood, Gajalee is one among them, yet, a different one. This restaurant has an open ambiance in which the tables and chairs are said to be placed. One can enjoy eating sea foods by inhaling some natural fresh air. The interior of this restaurant is really posh that makes many people to visit it all around the year.

Cochin Bakery
Cochin bakery is very much famous for its cakes and puffs. The cakes are multi-layered and one can find a variety of creams on the cake. A variety of cakes are available in this bakery and cakes are fresh to eat. The puffs are available in a variety of inputs like vegetables, chicken, mutton and egg. If you are a puff lover, then never miss to eat the hot and spicy puffs from this bakery. The prices are low and one can eat until their tummy gets full in this bakery. Many people love to take the parcels from this bakery so that they can share it with their friends and family.

If you are a pure vegetarian, then you should visit this restaurant that has got some of the most delicious vegetarian delicacies with them. It has also got an exciting tandoori dishes and panner tikka is a famous recipe at this restaurant.

Mangalore is the only city in Karnataka in which you eat until your stomach gets full and take some peaceful rest in the beaches that can be found in around the city.

Soak your feet along the beaches in Mangalore

If you are looking for one such beach very nearby the city, then Ullal beach is the name that you should ask with the locals. This beach has got the golden sands and the best beach resorts with them. Tourists prefer to stay in the beach resort while visiting Mangalore as they can stay in a calm and peaceful place with a serene beauty of nature surrounding them.

Mangalore beach
The stone studded beachy shores and aquamarine water makes Mangalore beaches very special

Mangalore is the only city in the state of Karnataka that can make their tourists feel blessed with the holy places, entertained with the picnic spots and beaches. If you want a perfect holiday in which you are about to spend some precious time with your family, then you must be visiting Mangalore and get crazy with your friends or family.

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