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Places to Visit Near Mangalore

Mangalore is a city in the state of Karnataka that has got many tourist destinations that has made the city more famous in the past years. If you have decided to visit Mangalore with your family to explore a tour, then you have made a good decision. There are many tourist destinations in  and around Mangalore and it has been surrounded by many hill stations as the city comes under the famous Western Ghats. The picnic spots that can be found near Mangalore are the most wanted destination for people who are looking for some place to get entertained during their holidays.

Famous beach in Mangalore
A picturesque aerial view of Someshwara beach in Mangalore

Kumara Hills

The Kumara Hills is located in Sullia in the Mangalore City. It is said to one of the tallest hills that comes along the Western Ghats. The famous Dhara river originated from here and this is the river why the hills have been named as Kumaradhara. The hills in this place are known well for trekking purposes. Many students and youngsters make use of it to trek. The hills are 4000 feet in height above the sea level and it has got a lush green vegetation. These lush green vegetations are said to be a heavenly animal that lives around this place. February and May are the best months to visit this place. It has got three different hills namely Shesha, Bhatta Rakshi and Sidhha. One can easily find a guide at this place and enjoy an adventurous trekking experience in the Kumara hills.

Birumale Betta

Birumale is a small hill that can found in Puttur that is said to be on the South East side of Mangalore in the state of Karnataka. This hill is 52 km away from Mangalore. This place is a popular picnic spot for many tourists who visit Mangalore all around the year. The open air auditorium and the children's park at this place are the major tourist attractive places.

Someshwar Beach

Someshwar beach is situated at a distance of 18 kms away from the south part of Mangalore and it has got an endless palm trees surrounding the beach. The beach is called as Rudra Sila by the local people, which is termed as a big rock. A temple at this place was said to be constructed during the Abbakka Devi ruling days and the queen in this region was another attraction to it.

Someswara beach in the evening
Never miss the romantic sunset at Someshwara beach in Mangalore

The beach has got an awesome view of the great Arabian sea. One can visit this place easily through the Someshwara bus stand and it is just a half mile away from the beach. The temple at this beach has got the ruins of palaces and forts that were found to be existed in the previous generations. The beach is known for the 100 feet tall light tower. One can climb up the light tower to witness the serene view of the great Arabian sea. The sea can make you get the real pleasure of joy and exclusion. October to February is the best season time to visit this beach with your family and friends.

The beach is a romantic place for lovers as it has got the real golden colored red sky. This can be witnessed each and every day during the sunset. This place has turned out into a hot spot and the Government has made many bus routes available at this place so that many tourists can visit their state to witness this awesome beach. Take the NH 66 that starts from Byndoor to access the temples that can be found around this beach. The temple has got only a few leftovers and one must visit it to witness the architectural brilliance of the architects who were found in the previous centuries.

Tannirbhavi Beach

Tannirbhavi beach is situated in Panambur that is said to be 10 km away  from North side of Mangalore. The beach holds a peaceful tune with calmness flowing all around the sea waves. This beach can easily be reached by taking any private or government buses. The beach is a deserted place and one can never find a big crowd ambience at this place. Many people all around the world would visit this beach to witness the calmness in the beach. Tourists would love to visit such places as they always want to go to some place where peace and silence can be felt. If you are one such person, then make sure to visit this beach in Mangalore. The beach has got any type of artificial interventions and it has got all types of nature serene surrounding it. The beach has got the naphta fired barge on the other side of it. This place has also got the real beauty that should be witnessed by every one in this world.


Sakleshwar is a pleasant hill station that is tucked in a beautiful way on the Western Ghats. It offers a refreshing getaway for anyone who are looking for a picnic spot nearby Mangalore. Sakleshwar is the best place to produce coffee and cardamom. These things get exported to many countries all around the world. It has a very rich biodiversity and many people are visiting it all around to experience trekking in these hills.

The Bisles reserve forest and the Kumara Parvatha are some of the trekking places that have gotten a serene beauty surrounding it. Sakleshwar was ruled once by the Mysore kings. Before the Mysore kings, the Hoysalas and the Chalukyas were ruling this region. During the time of the Hoysalas, this town was recognized by this name. The Hoysalas found one broken idol of Shiva Linga which made them name it as Sakleshwar. The local people believe in this history behind the name of this place, yet, few say that this place has got the name from the agricultural output that it attained all around the year.


Bhadra has got the best wildlife sanctuary in it and it is 129 kms away from Mangalore. One can easily reach this place by traveling for two hours of time. The wildlife sanctuary is located in the Chikmagalur district in the state of Karnataka. The wildlife sanctuary has now turned into a Tiger reserve in the recent days. The sanctuary was formed in the year 1958 and it was created by Jagara Valley game reserve.

The game serve was renamed to Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary covers an area of 492 square kilometers with a deciduous forest that has got many rare species of animals and plants. One can witness more than 120 rare species of plant in this place. Teak, bamboo, rosewood and jackfruit are some of the rarest and the most wanted plants that exist in this place. Bhadra is also known for the different animal species like barking deer, spotted dear, that can be found only in this place in India. Gaurs, macaques, Malabar giant squirrels, elephants and langurs are the other inhabits that can found in the forest in this region. Many herbivores and predators like wild dogs, leopards and tigers thrive in the forest. If you are visiting this place, then you can witness jackals, wild bears and sloth bears in the reserve forest.

wildlife sanctuary near Mangalore
Spotted deers at the natural habitat of Bhadra wildlife sanctuary

During the year 1998, the Project Tiger was established in this place and it was declared as a tiger reserve. It has got a collection of more than 250 bird species like parrots, partridges, pigeons, jungle fowl, emerald doves, bush quails, mynas, parakeets and woodpeckers that make the forest look like a paradise. If you love to witness reptiles then you should visit this place. King Cobra, common cobras, Russell’s vipers, rat snakes, Indian monitors, pit vipers and crocodiles can be found here. The reserve forest is the home place for exotic butterflies.

The tourists can enjoy trekking, rock climbing, camping, boating and bird watching at this place and the forest department is maintaining this place to attract the tourists who visit this place with their friends and family. The Bhadra river cuts through the forest and it ends up in the Bababundangiri hills.


Byndoor is a very popular place with a beautiful beach that has got a glorious sunset with it. This beach is located at a distance of about 131 km away from Mangalore and one can easily reach this place within 45 minutes of time. The beach is exactly situated in Kundapura in the state of Karnataka. Byndoor has also got historical temples surround it. The Kollur Sri Mookambika temple is a must visit place in Byndoor. One can find a very pleasant weather during the months between August to March. The chillness in the weather can be felt before sun rise and sun set at this place.

Take a note of the above mentioned destinations if you are looking for some places to visit near Mangalore. Mangalore is a famous city that connects well to many tourist destinations that can be found around it with its efficient system of transportation. If you want to visit places that can bring inner happiness and peace in you, then visit these places to witness the real natural beauty.

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