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Museums in Mangalore

Mangalore is a beautiful city in the state of Karnataka. Mangalore is very much famous for its tourist destinations. The museums in this city should be visited by all the students as the museums act not only as a place to exhibit the ancient objects, it does have high morals that can be learned by anyone who visit it.

Mahatma Gandhi Museum in Mangalore

The Mahatma Gandhi Museum is located in Mangalore in the state of Karnataka. The Canara High School that is located in Kodialbail has the pride in holding this museum inside their campus. The museum was named after the famous freedom fighter in India, Mahatma Gandhi. This museum has got the ancient collection that was found in the past generation in Mangalore. The museum was established during the year 1930 and is said to be an educational museum of the year it was constructed. Many people from all over the world visit this place and they do get educated in many ways.

The museum has got the best collection of skeleton, paintings, skull, crafts, stone and other archaeological objects. The museum is opened for the visitors from morning 9am till evening 5pm. The museum is closed on all Sundays and during National and public holidays. One can find some rare and old manuscripts found to be preserved in this museum. It has also got a variety of ancient coins that are collected for more than 100 years. Many informative lectures do take place at the museum so that many students can get educated out of it. The film shows that are shown in this museum can make the tourists learn more about the culture and tradition that was followed by the ancient people in India.

Mahatma Gandhi Museum in Mangalore
Belongings of Mahatma Gandhi at display at Mahatma Gandhi Museum

Seemanthi Bai Government Museum

This museum is situated in Betta Gudda in the Mangalore city. The museum is exactly located at the heart of the whole city through which many people pass around the whole day. The Seemanthi Bai Government Museum is also known as Bejai museum and it was named after Seemanthi Bai. She was the mother of an officer named Col. V.R. Mirajkar. The museum is said to be completely different from a very normal museum as it links the modern history with the ancient 16th century.

This museum is a great place that provides good knowledge about the Indian history and the heritage of it through the rare collections of foreign and ancient coins. Some of the coins belonged to the British East India Company and it was left out in India when the country got its Independence from the British government. The museum has also got some other belongings of the British East India Company and from Pakistan.

The stylish paintings that can be found in this museum can make anyone to think about the artistic brilliance that existed with various artists in the previous generations. There is a wealth of metallic icons, lamps, statues, and inscriptions preserved in the museum. The inscriptions are made up of copper. These copper inscriptions have got the verses of the famous person Keladi Venkatappa Nayaka who existed during 1624 AD.

Government Museum in Mangalore
The entrance of Seemanthi Bai Government Museum or Bejai Museum in Mangalore

The Manjusha Museum

The famous Manjusha museum is situated in Dharmashtala in Mangalore city. The museum has been exhibiting various things that can be useful for every children and graduate engineers who visit it more often. The objects that can be found in the museum reflects mainly about the aviation and maritime studies. One can find the ancient manuscripts preserved in this museum. These ancient manuscripts were translated to different languages in the past and it holds a copy of it.

A famous Museum in Mangalore
Rare exhibits on display at Manjusha Museum

More than 5,000 different manuscripts in the Tulu, Sanskrit and Kannada languages are preserved in this place. This is the only place that has got many Tamil manuscripts to be preserved in India. The famous Valmiki’s Ramayanam, Joytisa Siddantha Shiromane and Bana’s Nataka are the other popular manuscripts that can be witnessed in this place. One can find 400 manuscripts in Tulu language. The Holy Bible was translated during 1609 and the museum holds a copy of it.

Aloyseum in Mangalore
Vintage car on display at Aloyseum at St. Aloyseum College, Mangalore

Aloyseum - The museum of St. Aloysius college

This small museum houses an array of skeletons of wild animals such as wild boar, panther, tiger and antelope. The vessels, utensils, coins, cars used by the ancient Mangaloreans is also found here.

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