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Mangalore in One Day

Mangaluru is the original name of Mangalore and it was derived from the Goddess Mangaladevi which is an ancient temple of Mangalore. In Kannada language Mangalooru means the place of Mangala. The old name was anglicized after the British took over the area and remains so till this day. Mangalore is a uniquely nestled between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats and its beautiful scenic beauty has made it a prominent place for vacationers.

The economy of Mangalore has a strong foundation in cashew and coffee exports, agricultural processing and heavy duty industries.  Mangalore enjoys a tropical climate and its climatic conditions are influenced by south-west monsoons and the Arabian Sea. The best period to visit Mangalore is in the winter season. Otherwise the city experiences heavy rains that most tourists would avoid. Mangalore offers great variations of tourist attractions and you can enjoy both Eco-tourism and religious tourism there.

One Day Trip in Mangalore

If you have a single day in hand to visit Mangalore, you need not be disheartened. You can start your city sightseeing journey at 8:00 AM and visit the auspicious temple at Kudroli Gokarnath. After seeking the divine blessing you can travel to Tannirbavi and Surathkal beach and enjoy the scenic beauty around it. Being a port city you might be curious to have a view of the port, thus from the calm surroundings of the beach you would travel into the busy new Mangalore city which was established in 1974. After staying there for some time you can visit the Light House Hill Garden and have a quiet lunch on your own. After lunch you can head for Kadri Hill Park and return to your hotel in Mangalore in the evening. When you plan this travel itinerary you would get to see both the traditional and modern aspects of Mangalore city.

The Light house
The Light house located along the sea is a splendid place to hang out with your loved ones

As you begin your city sightseeing in the morning by visiting the Kudroli Gokarnath temple, you would be amazed by the beauty of this Hindu temple. This temple was built under the patronage of Sri Narayana Guru in 1912 and he was an advocate of social reform in Kerala. Gokarnanatheshwara or Lord Shiva is the main deity of the temple and there are other small temples of other deities like Subhramanya, Navagraha, and Annapoorneshwari. The temple is inspired from Tamil Nadu School of architecture and the temple has wall paintings which describe many legends of goddess. In 1989 this temple was renovated and was designed in the architecture of Cholas. In order to pay respect to the social reformer Narayan Guru, a statue was built in the entrance and the statue has many semi precious stones in it which were gifted by devotees. The main festivals celebrated in this temple are Shivaratri and Navaratri. Like Mysore there is a Dusshera festival held here with fun and festivity.

Kudroli Gokarnath temple
The Kudroli Gokarnath temple in full gleam during an occasion

After your religious visit to the temple, the time is ripe now to visit the Tannirubhavi beach in Mangalore. This beach is located twenty one km from Mangalore and can be reached with a help from ferry after crossing the Gurupura River. The months between Octobers to February are the correct time to visit this beach. Your next visit would be the nearby Surathkal beach. The beauty of this beach lies in the fact that it is un-spoilt and remains calm and quiet in its surroundings. You can enjoy the beautiful sea and calm you’re stressed out nerves when you watch the sunset in the horizon. There is also a sprinkle of fisherman village in its shores and regular buses ply from the main Mangalore city to help travel tourists there.

After this blissful relaxation you travel to the busy New Mangalore city which awaits your attention. Throughout the ages Mangalore has been a strategic port and dynasties and colonial power have fought to keep the prosperous port with them. The New Mangalore port has become the 9th important port in India and is around 7 km away from Surathkal railway station. The main imports of this ports are LPG, different types of timber and chemicals. This port plays a major role in enhancing the thriving businesses in the city.

new Mangalore port
Cargo handling operation performed at the new Mangalore port

After witnessing the hustle and bustle of city it is time to enjoy the beautiful Light Hill garden and was built by Haider Ali, the founder of Mysore ruler dynasty. When visiting the garden you would be mesmerized with its lush green surroundings and different types of flora and fauna. When admiring the garden you can also enjoy the beautiful ships sailing out in the sea in grandeur and do not forget to catch the sunset there. If you have little time in hand you can also visit the St Aloysius Church and the old lighthouse.

If you are a nightlife lover, the city has numerous night clubs and pubs that is dotted beautifully with neon lights. Enjoy unlimited music while grabbing a couple of drinks to have some best conversation with friends or get new friends there. You can also find lots of spots of entertainment as the city is equipped with lots of cineplexes that allows you to do a bit of window shop and watch a picture of your favorite actor here.

Your experience to enjoy continues in your next destination Kadri Hill Park. Kadri Hill Park is one of the best maintained parks in Mangalore and also a location for animal conservation. In this park many wild animals like spotted deer, sambar, jackals, monkeys and leopards are kept here. Many species of reptiles and birds are also conserved here. The children visiting this park can enjoy the toy train and the elders can remember their childhood when they watch them enjoy themselves with glee and fun.

After visiting the Kadri Hill Park, you would be tired as you have visited important places in Mangalore in a single day. You can rest in the evening and enjoy some good Mangalore snacks like neer dosa and hot coffee. Otherwise if you have friends in the city they would take you to the main club of the city which is known as Mangalore Club. Mangalore Club situated in Morgan gate is a great place to chill out and get to know the local fraternity of the city. This club has a great swimming pool and if your friend is a member here you can enjoy a swim here with permission and enjoy the finger foods here.

For dinner, a treat rich Mangalore cuisine awaits you where you can enjoy spicy fish fry, rich cashew meat curries and muton biriyani. Mangalore urges the vacationer in you to come back again and this time for a more number of days. There are numerous malls to fulfill your desires of shopping and you can find some best kinds of arts and handicrafts which the shopping areas in Mangalore can offer you at a good bargain.

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