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Kateel River Nandhini Mangalore

Kateel is the most popular pilgrimage centre as well as tourist spot. Kateel is situated 29 kilometres away from Mangalore and on the banks of Nandhini River. The major attraction of the town is the temple that is dedicated to Sri Durga Parameswari and the temple is surrounded by the river and the same is situated amidst magnificent scenes and lush greenery.

Kateel River Nandhini in MangaloreHistory of Nandhini River

According to the legend, there was a severe drought during the initial stage of Kaliyuga and there was no rain for years which resulted in the drying up of the river and the parching of the earth. This led to the scarcity of food grains as well as water on the earth which made the people to suffer from severe drought.  Disturbed by this plight of people, Sage Jabali learns from his Jnana Drishti that a demon king named Arunasura escaped from Goddess Durga when she slew Shumba and Nishumba and he became the leader of all demons and were not allowing the sages to perform yajna as a revenge against Gods.

Jabali Maharishi decided to perform a yajna to end people’s sufferings and went to Devendra requesting him to send the celestial cow Kamadenu to help him in performing the yajna. Since Kamadenu had been to Varuna loka, Devendra offered Nandini the daughter of Kamadenu to go with the maharishi. However, the egoistic and insolent Nandini refused to go with maharishi as it called the earth the land of sinners. This angered the maharishi and he cursed Nandini to flow as a river on earth. When Nandini asked for mercy, the sage advised her to pray to Goddess Durga for freeing her from the curse. Goddess Durga asked her to flow as a river and she will take birth as her daughter in the middle of the river which made Nandini to flow as a river and the temple of Durga parameswari is found in the middle of the river.

However, Arunasuran had become more powerful and relieved from death as he got a boon of not killed by any person or animal or bird and was destroying peace on earth. Since Lord Vishnu asked for her help, Goddess durga came to the earth as a beautiful woman. The Arunasura went after her and the goddess disappeared suddenly which enlivened the demon king and he went splitting the rock that is when Devi appeared as a bee and killed him. The devotees and maharishis performed abhishekam to the Devi with the water of tender coconut. Thus, the goddess appeared in her tender posture in the middle of the river and relived Nandini from her curse.

Origin of the name Kateel

The word Kati means center (i.e. between Kanakagiri which is the birthplace of river Nandini and at the end) and the word lla means area. Hence, the place got its name Kateel. The goddess Durga Parameswari took birth in the middle of the Nandini river and freed her from the curse.

Some other important shrines to be visited are Rakteshwari, Mahaganapati, Shasthara, Kshetrapala, Brahma’s shrine, Chamundi and Abode of the Naga Devata. All the pilgrims and tourists visiting Kateel are provided with free lunch and dinner and for accommodation temple houses are available. The popular Karnataka dance form “Yakshagana” is performed here. Some of the important festivals celebrated are Annual festival celebrated for 8 days during April every year and Laksha Deepotsava (festival of lights) celebrated during Kartika Bahula Panchami.

How to reach Kateel River Nandini

By Air: The nearest airport to Kateel is the Mangalore airport. From the airport, tourists can take private buses that are being operated between Mangalore and Kateel.

By Rail: Mangalore Railway Station is the nearest railway station. All important cities are connected by rail to the Mangalore Railway station. All the major trains stop here. From the Railway station, the tourist can hire a taxi or take the public or private buses.

By Road: Mangalore city is one of the important cities of South India and hence it is well connected with other important cities by road. The tourists can avail the services of cars or taxis or public transport system.

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