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Food in Mangalore

Mangalorean cuisine is very famous throughout the world because of its distinct flavor. In general, it is found that the recipes of Mangalore are a bit spicy and fresh coconut is considered to be the most integral part of the recipes of Mangalore. Rice is taken as the staple food by the people of Mangalore but non-vegetarians love to have fish in their regular meals. Mangalorean cuisine is considered to be incomplete without rice. Rice in Mangalore is cooked in different forms like wafer which is thin rotis of rice served with tasty chicken curry, pancakes, sannas or fluffed idlis with yeast or toddy, grain rice and neer dosa. Not only rice but fruits also form an important part of the Managalorean cuisine. There are many recipes of Mangalore that are prepared by the use of fruits like bamboo shoot, jackfruits, sweet cucumber called Taute, raw banana, spinach besale and breadfruit.

Dosa made with rice

A very special feature of the sweet dishes of Mangalore is that the people of Mangalore use jaggery instead of sugar in their sweet dishes. The people of Mangalore use jaggery made out of palm because it helps them in staying healthy. Moreover, this is sweet syrup possesses a taste and fragrance that are quite wonderful and it helps in making the Payasam tastier. Raw mango, kokum and tamarind are the most important things that are used by the people of Mangalore in almost all the dishes that they make.

Sweet buns

Mangalore cuisine is found to be influenced by several mixed cultures to a great extent. Mixed culture is actually the population of Mangalore that constitutes of a large number of people who live in Mangalore and belong to different cities and states of India. This is also the main reason behind the availability of a large number of vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes in Mangalore. some very popular recipes of Mangalore that should not be missed in any circumstances are Kane which is a curry made from Lady Fish, Idli-Sambar, Ole Bella or Palm Jaggery and Kori Rotti. Among sweet dishes, one must not miss out on Managalorean halwa that is found available in three flavors that is banana, wheat and guava. Gadbad ice cream is another delicacy that should not be missed.

Carstreet in Mangalore is the best place that can be used for the purpose of eating and drinking. There are some very popular stalls located in this area and the most famous among all the stalls is Srinidhi Juice and Snacks that lies just opposite to the Srinivas Theatre (Balaji), B.E.M High School Road, Carstreet. This is a fifty year old shop that serves fruit chat, juices of fresh fruits, Maggie, Pav Bhaji, Lassi and different types of other snacks. Other stalls that are similarly popular in the Carstreet area are Charamburi stall and Balli’s Podi stall that serves very delicious hot bhajjis.

Street Food

The most perennial favorites of Managalorean menu are various types of rice based preparations, very spicy delicacies of fish like kane fry and various types of fruits. Epicures are of the view that chillies, fresh coconut and the minds of the people of Mangalore together create a magic. Patrode is a also a special dish found in Mangalore that is prepared by stuffing colocasia leaves and then steaming the entire thing. Rice rotti also called Akki rotti is a very popular dish in Mangalore and also in Kodagu and Malnad.

Mangalorean Catholic Food

Cuisine of the Mangalorean Catholics is the food that is taken by the community of the Mangalorean Catholics and the cuisine of this community is found to be greatly inspired by Portuguese and Mangalorean Goan cuisines. Managalorean Catholics are generally the Roman Catholics of Mangalore. The Mangalorean Catholics are generally Konkani people who speak Konkani and their ancestors were Goan Catholics who migrated from Goa to South Canara between the years 1560 and 1763. These were the years when the Portuguese-Maratha wars and the Goa Inquisition took place.

Vegetarian Food of the Mangalorean Catholics

The most famous food of the Managalorean Catholics is Balthazaar Chutney. Balthazaar Chutney is a dish that originated when a nobleman from the Mangalore catholic community named Balthazaar was imprisoned by the ruler of Mysore Tipu Sultan in the year 1784 and this was during the custody of the Mangalorean Catholics at a place called Srirangapatnam. Balthazaar was not satisfied with the camp food and this is the reason why he thought of making a chutney for all the Managalorean Catholics who were captured by Tipu Sultan. Traditional Fode is a very popular pickle among the Mangalorean Catholics. Thail Piao, meaning vegetables soaked in onions and oil and left to get boiled on firewood is also a popular food in the region.

Foka which is Lady’s finger with cashew nuts and Karamb which is a salad made from cucumber also form the main vegetarian food of the Mangalorean Catholics. Some famous delicacies that are prepared from water, salt and soaked rice are Panpole (a conge) and Appam that is rice balls. Thath Bakri is another very popular vegetarian food of the Managalorean Catholics that is made with red rice that is boiled and ground mixed with scraped coconut that is raw and roasted on banana leaf with the help of a tava. The sweet dishes of the Managalorean Catholics include Mandas, Mitais, Pitae, Mani and Ushae.

Mangalore Bhajis

Exclusive goodies prepared during Christmas are known as Kuswar are an important part of the cuisine of the Managalorean Catholics. There are a total of twenty two different and traditional recipes that are a part of this unique flavor of the Christmas celebrations in the city of Mangalore. Puffs that are stuffed with nuts, plums, sesame or fried theel and sugar are called Neuries. Kulkuls or Kidyo are generally concoctions that are a bit curly and they are dipped in a treacle of sugar. Savory made of green nandarkai bananas called pathekas, Golios and theel laddus are also very famous delicacies of the Mangalorean Catholics. Mangalore is very famous for Macaroons and rose cookies that are rose flavored. Rich cakes made from plum are also a favorite among the Catholics of Mangalore. Red chilly Masala called Meet Mirsang is the most popular condiment that is used for flavoring the dishes of the Managalorean Catholics.

Non-Vegetarian Food of the Managalorean Catholics       

Pollu, a type of Sambar served with crushed dried fish called Galmbi or Dried Tuna known as Kambulmas is a very popular dish of the Mangalorean Catholics. The people of Mangalore use a lot of curry leaves, coconut, chilli, garlic and ginger in their curries. The dishes of the Managalorean Catholics are found to be influenced by the Portuguese and it is very clearly evident in the in Pork Sorpotel and Laitao which is a very popular pork roast served in the form of Piece de resistance during wedding dinners. The Catholics of Mangalore mix various parts and even pork blood in most of the dishes that they prepare by making use of pork and this can be clearly seen in Cabidela, Kalleze un Kiti that is intestines and heart and Pork Bafat. Unde-Dukra Maas that is leavened pork and Sanna-Dukra Maas that is idli stuffed with yeast or toddy are some of the most popular dishes of the Managalorean Catholics.

Bokrea Maas that is mutton, Kunkda Maas that is chicken and Bifa Maas that is beef are also taken along with dishes like Chicken Indaz and they are very popular indeed. Ros Curry called Rosachi kadi is a curry made from fish and coconut milk called ros and this is a very famous non-vegetarian dish of the Catholics of Mangalore that is served during anointing or Ros ceremony which is held one or two days before Mangalorean wedding. The Fish Curry of the Managalorean Catholics called Fish Roe Curry is famous worldwide because of the taste that it possesses and at the same time the fried fish dishes of the Managalorean Catholics are also well known. The Pathal Bakri and Sheveo Roce are rice flakes that are dry and they are dipped in dishes of chicken gravy.

Restaurants serving Udupi Food

There are a lot of small restaurants in Mangalore that deal in serving cheap food and food from the southern part of India. The most unique restaurants in Mangalore are the Udupi style restaurants that indulge in serving the staple food that is idli and wada and different varieties of dosas. Woodlands is the most famous Udupi style restaurant that is located on Bunts Hostel Road and it is a restaurant that has been very successful in preserving the quaintness of the past. Lunch menu of Woodlands includes two forms of rice one is boiled rice and the other is normal rice. Tiffin menu at this restaurant is also very delicious and has a wide variety of choices for the customers. The dinner menu however is very simple and plain with some dishes that are repeated. Some of the other Udupi style restaurants in Mangalore have been detailed below:
•    Taj Mahal at Carstreet and Hampankatta.
•    Hotel Ayodhya
•    Janata Deluxe

Other Special Delicacies found in Mangalore

North Indian Food

Mangalore also excels in serving North Indian food to its people and also to the visitors who come to Mangalore from different parts of the world. Some of the most famous restaurants and hotels in Mangalore that serve North India Food are as follows:
  • Hotel Srinivas on G.H.S Road
  • The Royal Durbar on Bendorewell-Kankanandy Road
  • The Moghul Treat at Highlands located opposite Highland Hospital
  • Chicken Tikka Halal at Saibeen Complex
  • Biryani Paradise at Kankanady-Pumpwell Road
  • Shetty’s Kori Rotti located near Canara College


Some of the most popular seafood of Mangalore comprise Manji Masala Fry, Anjal Masala and Kane Rave. Seafood is best available at some of the restaurants and hotels in Mangalore that have been named below:
  • Coconut Grove located opposite Colaco Hospital on Bendore Main Road
  • Narayana Hotel at Bunder
  • Anupama
  • Amantran at Attavar near Mangalore railway station
  • Maharaja
  • Kings Court on the highway near Kottara Chowki
  • Madhuvan Village at Yeyyadi
  • Palkhi at Jyoti circle
  • Goldfinch at Balmatta
  • Gajalee at Circuit House Compound, Kadri Hills

Beef is a rarely found in Mangalore because it is a food that is banned. However, the city possesses some of the best restaurants that serve beef. The restaurants that serve beef are:
  • Pereira Hotel at G.H.S.Road, Hampankatta near the main railway station of Mangalore.
  • Samak Dine on Balmatta Road

Kerala Cuisine

Malayali joints in Mangalore are also included in the category of the small eateries in Mangalore. Mangalore is located very close to Kerala and it is only because of this reason that there are many dishes in Mangalore that are inspired by the cuisine of Kerala. There are many restaurants in Mangalore that serve non-vegetarian food that is prepared in Kerala style. Kairali Restaurant near the railway station that is located behind Milagres Chruch is the most famous restaurant known for serving Kerala food.

Premium Restaurants

People who do not worry about the money that they spend on eating can always go for the premium restaurants located in Mangalore. these are the restaurants that are famous for their indulgence in serving Chicken Ghee Roast which is the most famous delicacy of the district of Dakshina Kannada. Some premium restaurants of Mangalore have been named below:
  • The Saffron Spice, The Saffron boutique Hotel on GHS Road Hampankatta
  • Gajalee at Circuit House Compound, Kadri Hills
  • Abhiman Residency on Kadri Road close to Bunts Hostel
  • Kadal on Light House Hill Road close to Nalapad Residency
  • Kudla on Balmatta Road
  • Diesel Café on Mischief--SCS Hospital Road, Balmatta
  • Amazon on MG Road near Empire Mega Mall
  • Pegz on K.S.Rao Road
  • Pegasus at Jeppina Moger
  • Royal Durbar at Kankanady
  • Gold Finch on Bunts Hostel Road
  • The Ocean Pearl at Kodial Bail
  • Memories Of Joanna in Summer Sands Beach Resort at Ullal
  • Kismis World Cuisine at Bejai on Circuit House Down Road

Snacks and Ice Cream

Mangalore is also called the Ice-cream town because it consists of numerous ice-cream parlours. Tiramisu, Gadbad ice-cream and Chocolate Dada are some of the best ice creams that are found in Mangalore.  Some of the most famous among them have been enumerated below:
  • Ideals' at Hampankatta
  • Komal's at Hampankatta
  • Pabba's at Lalbagh
  • Cherry Square located next to SCS Hospital
  • Dino's located at Falnir behind Misbah Supermarket
  • Bon Bon's Bakery at Yeyyadi near Madhuvan Village
  • Srinidhi Juice & Snacks located opposite to Joy Alukas Jewellery and next to Petrol bunk at Falnir
  • Cream Caramel at Saibeen Shopping Complex
  • Danish Bakes at Bendorewell Road
  • Snack-Shack beside Move'n'Pick Supermarket at Valencia
  • Pop Tates at Balmatta opposite Cafe Coffee Day
  • Crumbz located beside Deepa Comfort Hotel
  • Mahalaxmi Sweets and Chaats at Kankanady
  • Minimelts ice-cream at Saibeen near Empire Mall and Bharath Mall

International Flavors

People who love international flavors can also have a good time in Mangalore because there are a lot of hotels and restaurants located in Mangalore that indulge in serving various kinds of international foods.
Some of the well known hotels and restaurants in this category are the following:
  • Domino's Pizza at Bendorewell Kodialbail opposite to Ocean Pearl Food Court located at City Center Mall
  • Pizza Hut at City Center Mall and Bharath Mall
  • Cafe Coffee Day at Empire Mall, Obele Towers and Empire Mall located at Balmatta
  • ChicKing Food Court located at City Center Mall
  • Hao Ming Chinese Restaurant at Balmatta
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken at City Centre Mall on K.S. Rao Road and at Times Square near Kadri
  • Baskin Robbins at City Center Mall and Bharath Mall
  • Chicken Chicago at Falnir
  • Mainland China at Inland Avenue near Kankanady Bypass, Mangalore
  • Chefs at Mallikatta and Mannaguda
  • Danish Shawarma Hut at P.V.S. Road and Lighthouse Hill Road
  • Ice Café at Kodialbail
  • China town Food Court at City Centre Mall

Cold Drinks and Fruit Juices

Mangalore also consists of a number of fruit juice stalls that are majorly located very close to shopping complexes and bus stands of the city. These stalls generally indulge in serving milkshakes and fruit juices of different varieties. The famous flavors of concoctions that are available in most of the fruit juice stalls in Mangalore are Jaljeera, Nannan, Birinda and Hingastak. Aerated drinks like Joy and Zaffa that are local varieties of cold drinks are also available in most of the stalls that sell drinks of several varieties. These are the concoctions that made from berried that are grown locally. The most famous stall that sell fruits juices and aerated drinks are as follows:
  • Srinidhi Juice and Snacks located opposite Srinivas Theatre on B.E.M. High School Road at Carstreet.
  • Temple Sqaure at Carstreet
  • Balli’s Podi

Coffee and Alcohol

Coffee is a popular beverage in Mangalore and most of the people are found to be intoxicated with the habit of taking coffee in large amounts. The people of Mangalore also live alcohol and it is only because of this reason that most of the restaurants and hotels in Mangalore serve alcohol to their customers. However, there are even lunge-bars and resto-bars available in Mangalore that can be used for satiating the desire of having vodka or beers. Wineshops in large numbers are also found in Mangalore. Some of the most famous places for enjoying the desire for alcohol have been named below:
  • The Liquid Lounge at Balmatta Road
  • G6 Music Café at Valencia opposite to Mangala Bar
  • Pegasus near Fisheries College
  • Kainos at Abhiman Residency in Bunts Hostel Area
  • Village on Yeyyadi road
  • Amazon at Empire Mega Mall on M.G.Road, Lalbagh)
  • Maharaja located opposite Gold Finch near Jyoti Circle
  • Mangala Bar and Restaurant located opposite Retreat House at Valencia
  • Froth on Top at Balmatta
  • Wine Gate at Balmatta
  • Dolphin at Kadri
  • Rajaram Wines at Bolara Kepe Building located near Ahwini Restaurant on Main Road, Bolar
  • Wines and Spiritz at Times Square Kadri
  • Lawnsway Bar and Restaurant on Sturrock Road, Falnir
  • Cafe Mojo at Gold Finch near Jyoti Circle
  • Pulse next to Liquid Lounge Pub
Getting best quality food in Mangalore is not a big deal because Mangalore consists of a large number of restaurants and hotels that serve various kinds of food to the localities and even to visitors who visit Mangalore from different parts of the world.

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