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Flights from Mangalore

Mangalore’s main airport known as Bajpe International airport is situated about fifteen kilometers from the main city. Bajpe airport is the second most important airport in Karnataka after Bangalore airport and both domestic and international flights operate from this prestigious Mangalore’s airport. Many airlines company like Air India, Spice jet, Jet Airways and international companies like Emirates have various flights which bring in travelers from around the country and the world. Among international flights, airlines flights to Gulf countries like Dubai and Muscat have a prominent place here.  The newly built runway’s and terminals cater to both cargo and passenger standards as maintained by airport regulations. The last few years has seen an immense influx of people flying into Mangalore for both tourism purposes and business purposes plus this has lead to great significance to the various flights which bring in and fly out people from Mangalore.

Airport in Mangalore
The Mangalore International Airport has many domestic and international flights plying through it

Domestic flights from Mangalore

There are various airlines companies which fly in people to Mangalore and then fly them out as per their personal requirements. The main companies in domestic flights are Jet Airways, Jet Air, Spice jet and Air India.

Bangalore to Mangalore Flight Data

Jet Air, Air India, Air-India- Express and Spice Jet are the main domestic airline companies which offer passengers flight from Mangalore to Bangalore. Jet Air offers three flights to Mangalore in all seven week days. Spice Jet also offers its flight passengers the convenience of flying from Bangalore to Mangalore on any week day and at various convenient time like 11:30 am in the morning to 2:00 PM in the afternoon. Air India offers an evening flight at 4:00 PM early evening.

Mangalore to Mumbai Flight Details

Air India offers daily weekly flights from Mangalore to Mumbai. The flight departure is at 12:50 PM noon time and the flight lands at Mumbai around 2:20 PM. Air-India-Express has a late night flight scheduled fir Mangalore’s Mumbai travelers. The flight starts at around 9:15 PM. This flight is very popular among business travelers. Jet Air has dual flight timings which is 7:55 am in the morning and 12:50 PM noon. The morning flight is available six days a week and does not run on Sundays, while the afternoon flight is available seven days a week. Spice jet also offers seven days a week single flight from Mangalore which starts at 2:35 pm.

Mangalore to Chennai Flight Schedule

Chennai is an important city in South India and there are many travelers who visit Mangalore from Chennai. Jet Air is the airline company that offers daily flights from Mangalore to Chennai. The flight timings are departure from Mangalore airport at 8:40 pm in the night and arrival in Chennai at 11:30 pm.

Mangalore to Hyderabad Flight Services

Jetair flies daily travelers from Mangalore to Hyderabad in its daily weekly flights. The flight starts at 9:05 am in the morning and reaches Hyderabad around 12:15 PM in the afternoon. For its afternoon travelers Spicejet offers one weekly flight to Hyderabad. The flight departs for Hyderabad from Mangalore at 1:35 PM.  There is also another early evening flight from Mangalore for its business travelers.

Mangalore to Delhi Flight Data

Air-India has a popular flight to Mangalore every day and this flight departs at 8:00 am in the morning.

Mangalore to Kolkata Flight Services

The busy city of Kolkata is connected to the prosperous Mangalore city by various flights during the day. Spice jet has an afternoon flight at 2:35 pm while Air India has another flight at 12:50 pm. This flight has a stopover in Mumbai before it reaches Kolkata.

International flights from Mangalore

Apart from its domestic travelers, Mangalore has its share of international travelers too.  Flights to Gulf countries are scheduled daily at various times of the day.

Mangalore to Dubai Flight details

Air-India- Express has daily dual flights to Dubai. The first is scheduled at 11:20 am in the morning and the second one is scheduled at 1:40 am late night. Jet Airways also has flights for its Dubai travelers. The flight departs for Dubai at 10:25 pm in the night.

Muscat to Mangalore Flight Data

The airlines company Air-India-Express has flights to Muscat three days a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. The flight is scheduled to depart at 8:10 pm in the night.

Flight details of Mangalore to Singapore

Singapore is a strategic business city in the South East Asia. Jet Airways has a flight for people travelling from Mangalore to this important busy city. The first phase of the flight is from Mangalore to Mumbai and the flight departs at 12:50 pm. Then in the second phase of its flight to Singapore, the plane departs from Mumbai using an Air India plane at around 9:25 pm.

Flight details of Mangalore to London

Among European cities London is an important business city and Mangalore also receives a fair amount of travelers from UK. The flights from Mangalore to London are undertaken by Jet Airways, Royal Brunei Airlines and Etihad Airways.  Jet Airways has a flight to London using the support of Jet KONNECT which flies the London bound travelers from Mangalore to its first stop at Bangalore. This flight starts at 11:55 am. From Bangalore there is a change of plane and Jet Airway plane takes its travelers from Bangalore to London within a few hours.

Flight Data of Mangalore to New York

New York is an important global city and there are various flights with one or two stoppages which connect Mangalore to New York. One such flight is the Jet Airway flight which starts off from Mangalore to Mumbai at 6:25 am using its Jet Konnect carriers.  From Mumbai there is a change of planes and the New York bound traveler gets transferred to the British Airways plane. From Mumbai the British Airways plane leaves for London at 1:50pm. From London there is again change of planes and the final phase of flight to New York takes off at 8:00pm.

Mangalore to South Africa Flight Data

South Africa has one of the largest Indian populations living outside India. There are many flights to South America. The Jet Airways flight to Johannesburg takes around 27 hours. The flight starts with the plane from Mangalore departing to Mumbai from 1:00pm.  There is a change of planes and from Mumbai the Qatar Airways plane leaves for Doha the next day at 4:40 am in the morning. From Doha the Qatar Airways flight leaves for Johannesburg at 7:15 am in the morning.  The travelers reach their destination at 2:30 pm the next day.

Flight Schedules of Mangalore to Kuala Lampur

KL is also an important business city in South East Asia. The Jet Airway flight leaves for Bangalore at 4:15pm. In Bangalore there is a change of plane and from Bangalore the plane leaves for its second Indian city Chennai at 9:00pm in the night the same day. From Chennai the plane of Malaysia Airlines transport the travelers from Mangalore to KL.

The frequency of international and domestic flights also help the city of Mangalore prosper and its economy grows, as business travelers come and invest in the business ventures of Mangalore.

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