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Bahubali Gomateshwara

Bahubali Gomateshwara is located in the state of Karnataka at a distance of about 52 km from Mangalore. This place was founded by Chavundaraya in the year 980 AD. This place has got the tallest and the biggest monolithic sculpture in the whole world. The statue in this place portrays an Asian Indian type of architecture.

About Bahubali Gomateshwara

According to the ancient history Bahubali is said to be an Arihant and is referred to the people as Gomateshwara. Out from the hundred sons of Rishaba, the king named Podanpur is said to be the first Tirthankara and Gomateshwara is the second son of him as per the Jainism. One can find  more information about them in Adipurna. There is a kannada text written in this place. It has been written by Adikavi who was a famous poet during the 10th century. The texts are written in a Champu type of style and an eclectic mis of the verses are widely spread all over the sixteen cantos. Gomateshwara attained liberation from a half time cycle and he was the first human being as per the Digambaras.

Bahubali Gomateshwara
Lord Gomateshwara covered in tons of turmeric paste poured by devotees

One can find Bahubali’s big monolithic statue standing tall in Shravanbelagola. This statue was erected by the great commander Chamundaraya and the minister of the Ganga. The statue is kept at a height that is said to be 60 feet tall on the hill. The statue was built during the 10th century. Many devotees and pilgrims visit this place all around the year to get the blessings from the God. Many tourists also visit this place and they do attend the famous event named “Mahamastakabhisheka”. This place was voted as one among the seven wonders in India during the year 2007.

History of Bahubali Gomateshwara

During 998 AD, Chavundaraya erected this statue. He was said to be the Ganga King Rachamalla Sathyavakya’s minister. The statue that stands tall, has got a big story behind the existence of it. As per the Indian mythology, Bahubali is Adinatha’s son who was the first among the other 24 Jain teerthankars. After his birth, Rishaba made a decision to hand over Ayodhya to his eldest son as he had made a decision to undergo a spiritual journey all throughout his life. Ayodhya is the capital city for Bharata. Paundanapura is another place that went for Bahubali who is the youngest son. Bharata made a decision to wage war on other provinces and win them over so that he can extend his whole empire. Bharata became a supreme commander during his time. Bahubali was against this as he never liked the colossal lives loss and the blood sheds that happened during the war time. The wise men of his own kingdom were against the thoughts of Bahubali. The made way for a combat situation between Bharata and Bahubali. This was the very first instance in the world history of mankind in order to avoid the unwanted bloodshed and war against others.

Various fights took place between both Bahubali and Bharata. Dhishti yudhha and malla yuddha are some of the type of fights that occurred between them. Charka, which is said to be a lethal weapon was used during the fights. The chakra was said to be circling around Bahubali and it got settled on the right side of him. This made the entire assemblage to get amazed by his superior powers.

Bahubali felt a divine presence in him at this moment and he made a decision to abandon all types of worldly possessions to become an unsurpassed renunciation moment. This made him to meditate for one complete year after this incident. Bahubali stood in the meditation pose of Kayotsarga and he was said to be meditating without any distraction for one complete year. He left food and water in that one year. Bahubali stood in the same post for more than one year, which made the anthill to occur under his feet and it got swirled around his whole body. This is where Sri Babhubali Swami is also known as Gomateshwara Bhagwan came into reality.

Significance of the Bahubali Gomateshwara statue

The colossal statue of Bahubali was carved using one single block of granite. Bahubali was known as a Siddha and his statue now stands tall on the hill. The statue looks majestic and look real. This has made many pilgrims from all over the world visit this place and offer their prayers to the God. Many people from various regions of India visit this place during many festive occasions.

This place has now turned into a pilgrimage center. One can witness the statue even from a distance of 30 km away from it. This is truly incredible and one must take a look at it once in their lifetime. The saint has turned to be completely nude as it the major rule in the customs of Jain. The statue is 58 feet tall and has been carved only by using one single block of granite. Everyone must know this fact, as it is the best proof to portray the architectural brilliance of the architects who lived in the past centuries. The statue depicts Bahubali without wearing any clothes. One needs to climb more than 614 steps to have a closer look at the statue. The Gomateshwara Monolith was built by following the rich Jain architectural style that very well reflects the artistic excellence of Indian architects.

The statue of Bahubali Gomateshwara
The 58 feet high statue of Bahubali Gomateshwara was carved in a single block of granite

As the statue has been built on top of the hill, one should climb the steps to witness the statue much closer. The saint’s body has been perfectly proportioned and has been sculpted with excellent care. One can witness a calmness on the saint’s face as this was the place where he had turned into God by meditating continuously for more than one year.

Festivals celebrated at Bahubali

Mahamastakkabhisheka is the most famous event that gets organized in this place. People make  use  of jaggery, poppy seeds, bananas, saffron, milk and sandalwood in order to anoint the saint’s body. This place is opened until evening time for visitors to visit it.

Bahubali Gomateshwara doused in milk
The tall statue of Bahubali Gomateshwara is anointed in milk as an offering of Mahamastakkabhisheka from his devotees

How to reach Bahubali Gomateshwara

The full fledged transport system in Mangalore allows you to reach this destination through all means of transport.

By road

If you are traveling through road, then take the Solapur Highway that starts from Mangalore to reach this temple in a short while.

By rail

The Mangalore city railway station is the nearest railway station to reach this place.

By air

Get down in the International Mangalore airport and take the road or train service to reach this place.

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